Just Text Me, Please

Posted on March 18th, 2013 by admin | Comments

Oh, the controversy over how to communicate these days.

Nick Bilton, columnist for The New York Times started the debate. In his March 10th article, Bilton complained that leaving a voicemail is rude because it takes too much time for the recipient to listen to it. Texts saying “call me” are preferred. He received 542 comments on his post and many of them weren't favorable. He then wrote a follow-up that acknowledged all the comments (both positive and negative) which generally shows that the younger generation is in favor of texting over voicemail.

Gawker responded with the wittily titled: Don’t Leave Me a Voice Mail Unless You’re Dying.

Because textPlus offers both free texting and calling, we’re curious to know -- what’s your preferred way to communicate? Text? Or call?

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