Safety Tip – How to Find textPlus

Find textPlus On Your Teen’s Phone

Not sure if textPlus is on your teen’s device? Here are some easy instructions on how to search for mobile apps, including textPlus, on most devices-- even when your teen has every app in the world on their device. Please note that textPlus is available for users 13 or older to download and use.

iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads

It’s really easy to search for any mobile app on an Apple device. Just scroll to the left to pull up the device’s search menu.

It will look like this:

Then, just enter in the app, like textPlus, that you are looking for on the device.
On Apple (iOS) devices, textPlus Free Texting is available in three different apps, Classic, Silver, or Gold.

textPlus also offers a separate calling app on Apple devices- textPlus Free Calls.

Apps will be either by themselves or in a folder on any screen of your teen’s Apple (iOS) device. If you are not familiar with folders, here’s a great article from MacWorld about creating and organizing folders. Folders are only available on Apple (iOS) devices running on iOS 4 or later.

Kindle Fire

We have two apps that can be purchased for a Kindle Fire from Amazon’s Marketplace-- textPlus Free Texts and textPlus GOLD Free Texts.
Apps are laid out on the screen like a catalog on the home screen. Tap on apps to see all of the apps on the device.

Simply scroll to the right until you find the textPlus logo.

You can also search on the top search bar of all Kindle Fires.

Other Android devices:

Start off at the Android’s home screen. Depending on your teen's device, the home button could be a physical button or a touch screen button that looks like a home or house. This button is usually located on the lower section of the device near or under the bottom section of the device screen. Your teen’s screen might look different than this one depending on how they customize it.
Here’s what a stock home screen looks like:

From the device’s home screen, you can access a screen showing all the device's app by tapping on the button that looks like a circle with six dots.

A screen will come up showing all the apps installed on the device.

Windows Phones

You may also search for apps on Windows Phones. Tap on the search icon on the upper left and type in textPlus.

Windows Phones also have the ability to pin your favorite apps to your home screen. There are many ways to display your home screen on Windows Phones. If your teen has pinned textPlus to their home screen- it might look like one of these:

You can also see the list of all the apps on a Windows Phone by tapping the arrow in the upper right corner.

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