9 Awesome Internet-Inspired Tattoos

Posted on November 18th, 2013 by shein | Comments

Are you obsessed with the Internet? We mean emphatically and unabashedly obsessed? If so, you better scope out the competition. We spotted a new demographic of folks who have taken their enthusiasm for the Internet to the next level – skin level. Yes, we’re talking about Internet tattoos. They’re bold, permanent, and destined to be obsolete in a few years. (We’re talking to you, guy with the Ethernet outlet tattoo.)  From ‘free Wi-Fi’ addled knuckles, to the word Internet inscribed on the underside of a lip, to the Nyan cat meme on an ankle and more; a few zealous individuals let their love for the greatest invention of the 20th century fly in the most unlikely of places.

Here, we present 10 awesome Internet-inspired tattoos. Would you ever don your Internet enthusiasm so proudly?

1. This Free Wi-Fi knuckle tattoo bearer means business - and democratic access to the Internet.

2. This guy loves the Internet so much, he wants to eat it.

3. This guy is half man, half search engine. Bet he's great at Trivia Night - or really annoying on a road trip.


4. This person has serious USB-Nerd pride. See what he did there with the font? Pure nerd pride.

5. This guy wants you to know that he loves the Internet and he loves it in an ironic Medieval font. Note: he will forever have 'rnet' on one hand.


6. This Nyan Cat ankle is cute. (C'mon it's cute.)

7. This proud blogger upgraded from a nondescript flower to a term that will likely be eradicated in the next 10 years.

8. This Yahoo enthusiast probably still has a Hotmail account.

9. This Ethernet outlet tattoo - wait, what's an Ethernet outlet again?

Have any good Internet tattoos to share? Leave us a tip in the comments!

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